Cindy – Episode 36- What a nightmare!!!!

24.08.2015  Back home:

When I woke up at seven, I heard my flushing cistern making lots of noise.

I had a look to give it a bang to stop, but then I realised, that it wasn’t only that problem, there was a waterpipe burst beyong the water meter.

I tried to close the main tap, but it didn’t work. And by rattling at the tap, I must have opened the broken pipe even more, because there was even more water coming out of the pipe. Soaking wet by this time, I can’t tell how desperate I felt.

I got all towels I could find, but the water was coming so fast and with such an enormous pressure. There was no chance to stop it.

My neigbor is my MONDAYMORNINGHERO. I met him on the staircase, he phoned our caretaker, who told him, where to find the maintap for the whole house. It took another 100 litres of cold water pouring in my flat to break the door open, where that stupid tap was hidden.

I could rescue my cookbook selection, which I normally store on my floor.

I am sooooo thankful, that it didn’t happen a week ago, when I was still on the flight back home and not tomorrow, when school starts again.

Now everything is dry again ( no! the towels are in the washing machine), thanks to the nice plumber, who came and fixed the desaster, I can have my first tea of the day.

He is my second HERO of the day.

We had a nice chat about about wildlife observation and travelling in Cuba, Sri Lanka and Uganda (I put up Gorilla pictures in my bathroom).

My neigbors in the flat downstairs had water dripping down the wall. I am so sorry for them.

I wish, I had made up this story,
but the water was real!!!!

Cindy tried very hard to help, but she nearly got into trouble, when the water washed her down the corridor.


Cindy – Episode 35- Borneo goes Cindy- Cindy goes Borneo

Cindy and I went out for shopping in Kuching in Borneo. She still looks for new trendy stuff for her next hairdo line.

There are lots of cool ( aircon) shopping plazas.

In one plaza we bumped into this shop. I couldn’t believe it….


I don’t need to tell, that Cindy was thrilled. It took us hours to check out every single item, they had on offer. Every hairslide and nailpolish had to be examined extensively. Her shopping basket was loaded with at least half of the shop, when I reminded her of our travelbudget.

But finally she made her choice, I didn’t fancy that piece, but she was more than happy with it.
  What do you think about Cindys taste?

Cindy shop style

Cindy – Episode 34- Touring the world


Right now I accompany Cindy on her tour around Singapore and Borneo. She is out here to find some new hairdo ideas.

She just finished her rainforest collection. Here is my favourite.

Pineapple, Rambutan, Taro, Fern, bits of Banana leaf arranged in simple but thrilling wig.

IMG_0433Here are some more

Cindy just came back from Singapore early in the morning, after taking part in the big festivities for the National day over there.


She was pretty tired and laid down for a nap. But there was not a lot time for resting, because today is National Day in Malaysia.


The Schwümmlis – Episode 19 – The Hero


Bruno is Grannys hero of the day. She is convinced, that he has the power of at least a hundred vikings and saved her life in our backyard yesterday. Bruno had killed the beast and had shown up in front of her with the two jaws in hand, while she just had finished the first heel of the new knee sock, still not understanding exactly the hazardous situation around her.
I met Bruno today. He told me, that his Granny is well off and that he had created some space in his room for his jaw trophy already. I will have a look later on, where he put it.

The Schwümmlis – Episode 16 – Easter Schwümmlis

Easter Schwümmlis

When I went to our local supermarket, I saw these two guys standing in front of the shop promoting the big traditional easter market in the nearby shopping mall. I just passed them, when the left one started talking to me. „Hi Mam, don’t you recognize me?“ No, I didn’t know, who he was. But then I saw the ears and the socks and suddenly I knew, he must be one of my neigbors. „ It’s me, Bruno!!“, he said. Oh yes, it was him. We chatted for a while and he told me, that he needed some money for his new smartphone. That’ s why his friend had convinced him, that this was the perfect job for him.
They didn’t really look very happy, but at least the weather was very breezy, so they didn’t have to sweat too much in their costume.

The Schwümmlis – Episode 15- Alkmaar


The Schwümmlis –Episode 15-
Arriving in Alkmaar I found out, that life and traffic in this placid little town is very different to Amsterdams hectic city centre. The narrow streets in the heart of Alkmaar are too narrow for wide bike lanes and trams and buses and big cars. Everything is a bit more relaxed. So I sat down in a nice café and viewed the life around me. There were bikers around, I presume, there is no dutch city, town, village without cyclists, but they seemed to have more time. This Mum was passing by slowly with her baby in front. She even greeted friendly.
I had an awesome time Alkmaar.
By the way: Did you take notice of the peculiar hairdo of the Alkmaar Schwümmlis?