Cindy – Episode 35- Borneo goes Cindy- Cindy goes Borneo

Cindy and I went out for shopping in Kuching in Borneo. She still looks for new trendy stuff for her next hairdo line.

There are lots of cool ( aircon) shopping plazas.

In one plaza we bumped into this shop. I couldn’t believe it….


I don’t need to tell, that Cindy was thrilled. It took us hours to check out every single item, they had on offer. Every hairslide and nailpolish had to be examined extensively. Her shopping basket was loaded with at least half of the shop, when I reminded her of our travelbudget.

But finally she made her choice, I didn’t fancy that piece, but she was more than happy with it.
  What do you think about Cindys taste?

Cindy shop style

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