Cindy – Episode 36- What a nightmare!!!!

24.08.2015  Back home:

When I woke up at seven, I heard my flushing cistern making lots of noise.

I had a look to give it a bang to stop, but then I realised, that it wasn’t only that problem, there was a waterpipe burst beyong the water meter.

I tried to close the main tap, but it didn’t work. And by rattling at the tap, I must have opened the broken pipe even more, because there was even more water coming out of the pipe. Soaking wet by this time, I can’t tell how desperate I felt.

I got all towels I could find, but the water was coming so fast and with such an enormous pressure. There was no chance to stop it.

My neigbor is my MONDAYMORNINGHERO. I met him on the staircase, he phoned our caretaker, who told him, where to find the maintap for the whole house. It took another 100 litres of cold water pouring in my flat to break the door open, where that stupid tap was hidden.

I could rescue my cookbook selection, which I normally store on my floor.

I am sooooo thankful, that it didn’t happen a week ago, when I was still on the flight back home and not tomorrow, when school starts again.

Now everything is dry again ( no! the towels are in the washing machine), thanks to the nice plumber, who came and fixed the desaster, I can have my first tea of the day.

He is my second HERO of the day.

We had a nice chat about about wildlife observation and travelling in Cuba, Sri Lanka and Uganda (I put up Gorilla pictures in my bathroom).

My neigbors in the flat downstairs had water dripping down the wall. I am so sorry for them.

I wish, I had made up this story,
but the water was real!!!!

Cindy tried very hard to help, but she nearly got into trouble, when the water washed her down the corridor.


2 thoughts on “Cindy – Episode 36- What a nightmare!!!!

    1. Hi Lisa, it was a disaster. But now we have dry feet again and even the bathroom door dried up, so that it closes properly again.

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