Cindy -Episode 73- a little help from a friend

Herma Starreveld, my dutch artist friend sent her Minimie over. She had lots of healthy food on offer,  beschuit with Dutch cheese and a big pot of energy tea.

You can find more of Hermas wonderful work on her website and in her etsyshop.


Minimie (by courtesy of Herma Starreveld)

img_6787Cindy is much better off. She enjoys her dutch tea.

Look, how she comes back to life. Even her cheeks got red, what normally doesn’t happen very often. It won’t take long for total recovery.
Thanks, Herma.

Cindy -Episode 71- a cold disappointment



Sometimes it doesn’t take much to put a spoke in your wheel. The other night Cindy had been happily exercising for her Xmastree performance and today in the morning she stood there in the kitchendoor. She tried to speak, but her voice was just the very opposite of an angelical sweet hum. A coughing attack followed by a sneezing attack made clear, why this poor Christmas angel had changed into a creepy Halloween queen over night.

I offered her a cup of ginger lemon tea, I just had brewed. She sat down, sipped on her drink and started sniffing. I wasn’t sure, if the runny nose was responsible for it or more the disappointment about the cold thwarting her angel plans.
Next Sunday another angel will enchant the people on the Christmas market, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile we will have lots of pots of very hot gingerlemon tea to get our angel back in shape.


Cindy -Episode 70- better taste?



Did our XOXO angel change for the better?

Cindy got out another more angelic outfit. Maybe Valeries frogprincess comment was thought-provoking enough. Cindy scored a strike in our kitchen while circling the hoop around. The kitchen table was cleared after her performance.

The hula hoop exercise might be a challenge on the tree top. And it might leave the tree empty of nearly all his needles and decorations.


Cindy -Episode 69- XOXO Angel


Long time ago, that Cindy talked about building your body. But now as the year draws to a close, she is busily preparing and exercising for the starting holiday season.

Cindy was asked to become all Sundays in December the very first angel performing live bodywork exercises on the Christmas tree top at our nearby christmas market. I just wonder, why they picked her. She even wants to wear this christmassy but not very angellike suit.

What do you think? Should I try to convince her to pick another more decent robe?