Cindy-Episode 68- the chocolate cake


The upside down option didn’t work out well. So we had to change strategies. I sat down and googled for any convincing ideas. Maybe the good old chocolate therapy might help, I thought. There are loads of recipes in the net. I advanced the idea, that we could bake a chocolate cake for Gourmandinets welcome party. (By the way, we could also celebrate my hundredth post, hurrah.) I caught a glimpse of happiness on Cindys face.
She jumped up and got the baking ingredients out. It was a foolproof recipe. We managed to get it done quickly. It didn’t take long until a heady aroma spread all over the flat. The chocolate cake needed to cool down, before we could ice the cake with the chocolate icing.
I took advantage of the lovely autumn weather and went out for a run.
Well, no need of words to tell what had happened, as you can see, how I found Cindy sitting in the kitchen.
“Cindy, what’s going on here?”, I asked her. “Well, that was a piece of cake”, she answered”, “now we don’t have to bother about the icing any more.” Another cindiish  argument, you have to slug down, when you have a flatmate like her.

I will have to go to the bakery instead to get another cake for Gourmandinet. He let us know, that he will arrive tomorrow.