Cindy – Episode 49- 70´s Outfit

Cindy just got an email from a friend, who asked her to her theme-party on Thursday. Cindy is thrilled!!

It didn’t take long and she presented herself in her 70’s outfit, so no need of buying a new dress.

I really hate this so common behaviour of flip-flopping and waiting for the very best party invitation.

 But don’t count your chicken before they are hatched. We are talking about Cindy here and the shops will stay open till Thursday….

Cindy – Episode 48- shopping


Cindy wasn’t too happy with her outfit, so she asked me to accompany her to look for a more fancy one.

What a day for shopping gowns!!!! The city was packed with people, bringing back to the shops whatever granny had given them for Christmas.

And the both of us in the middle of the crowd!!!

First of all she got a new bra. That was a good start. But then the trying on marathon started.

The shop assistant was very nice and helpful, she came with lots of different styles, textures and outfits. But Cindy remains for now and forever our Glamour girl, so she finally squeezed herself in the shiny one with the high neckline first, than she fancied more the one with the belt und the lower neckline

But she couldn’t make her mind up yet. The shop will keep both for her, so she can take council with her pillow tonight.

I get the feeling that we will finish the year with trying on loads of fancy dresses. Yawn! I keep you informed.

Cindy – Episode 47- the outfit action



Cindy is preparing already for the big party next week. She is not extremely happy yet with her outfit, but nevertheless she walks around the flat in the robe all day.

It’s a pity, that you can’t really see, how shiny the golden parts are.

We tried to capture it, but didn’t work out the way I see her glamoring around.

Cindy – Episode 46- Glühwein


I just came back home from our local Christmas Market with many Glühwein stalls and lots of Schmalzkuchen. I had met some friends there to enjoy a cup or two of this sweet and sticky Glühwein stuff.

Entering the kitchen, I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw Cindy sitting in my wonderful Prisma colors. Apparently I don’t need lots of alcohol to see things double.


Cindy – Episode 45- the Christmas tree


Apparently Cindys inventive mind is operating at full stretch. After coming up with her hot tub sachets yesterday, she suprised me today with the fully decorated Christmas tree. A bit early to my German taste, as most of the families don´t prepare their tree before Christmas Eve.

But as we all know by now, Cindy has her own traditions.

 She urged me to take a picture to spread the news about her new invention.

In Germany you buy your Christmas tree in a net (I am sure not only in Germany), which is very handy, as you can carry it from your Christmas tree seller back home without a big fight.

„But why taking advantage of this only the way in?“, Cindy asked herself. „Just keep it wrapped up in the lovely net and benefit from easy handling on the way out“, she said. „ And you even have no problem, hanging the decoration on any obstinate branches. Just hang it directly into the net.“

It´s up to you, if you want to follow her brilliant idea.

For us it means, that we will have a very special Christmas tree this year.

Everybody have a Merry Christmas (also a bit early but never mind.)

I am sure, she will be back with some more inventions for New Years Eve.

update: 25.04.2016: Sorry for being out of date with this post. But Christmas is only another 8 months away

Cindy – Episode 44- Thanks to Carla and Lynn



There are only 11 days left in the Year of the Spark.

Cindy and Granny Schwümmli have trained the last few weeks for this special performance, Carla and Lynn, to thank you both for this inspiring year.

Both were so impressed with your colorful nail polish, Lynn, that they went and got some for today.

Have a wonderful Holiday season and a inspiring new year.

Cindy – Episode 43- Hot tubs



Cindy came up with a new business concept.

We were having a nice cup of tea, when she suddenly jumped right into my mug. I don’t really know, why. It’s pretty warm weather here, more like spring, and there is no need of warming up. But maybe she saw the KING OF JASMINE having a dip earlier. She was pretty relaxed, hanging there in my tea.

I asked her, what she was up to this time and she started twaddling something about opening a spa, selling aroma therapy sachets for hot tubs. She went on talking for a while about wellness, massage and so on. Finally she got cold, cause my tea had chilled down. When she crawled out of my mug, I could see, that there was a little sachet hanging on her belt. She grabbed a serviette, which was lying on the table, wrapped herself up and went down the hallway to get changed.

I didn’t have the courage to take another sip of my tea, which now was perfuming our kitchen with a very special aroma.

Just in case anybody out there is still looking for a Christmas present, she said, she would be more than pleased to sell some of her sachets. ( all on your own risk, I must say.)