Cindy – Episode 45- the Christmas tree


Apparently Cindys inventive mind is operating at full stretch. After coming up with her hot tub sachets yesterday, she suprised me today with the fully decorated Christmas tree. A bit early to my German taste, as most of the families don´t prepare their tree before Christmas Eve.

But as we all know by now, Cindy has her own traditions.

 She urged me to take a picture to spread the news about her new invention.

In Germany you buy your Christmas tree in a net (I am sure not only in Germany), which is very handy, as you can carry it from your Christmas tree seller back home without a big fight.

„But why taking advantage of this only the way in?“, Cindy asked herself. „Just keep it wrapped up in the lovely net and benefit from easy handling on the way out“, she said. „ And you even have no problem, hanging the decoration on any obstinate branches. Just hang it directly into the net.“

It´s up to you, if you want to follow her brilliant idea.

For us it means, that we will have a very special Christmas tree this year.

Everybody have a Merry Christmas (also a bit early but never mind.)

I am sure, she will be back with some more inventions for New Years Eve.

update: 25.04.2016: Sorry for being out of date with this post. But Christmas is only another 8 months away

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