CINDY -EPISODE 97- le petit croissant


A romance

Cindy fell in love. Yes, she did. And no, it isn´t the hundredth pet, she saw and picked up on the street. It is real love.

But I better start at the beginning point of this story.

We live in a lovely district in Hamburg with myriads of barber shops, bakeries and coffee places. Sometimes I wonder, how many new hair cuts, breads and coffee to go places the world needs. Just last week a new café had set up around the corner. Cindy is quite a sweet tooth and had to check out their chocolate cake the same day. She came back home beaming with delight still bearing traces of her adventure around the mouth.

We sat down at the kitchen table and she started raving about her luscious experience. “Petra, this was so awesome. The chocolate cake was yum-yum. But the real kicker was the Nougat Croissant I had as dessert.” I refrained from asking, why she needed a dessert after indulging in chocolate cake. “With the first bite”, she continued, “I knew, that I had fallen in love with it. Petra, I will never ever have chocolate cake again.” These were big words coming out of a chocolate cake smeared mouth.

As you know by now, Cindy lives out her love for whatever her favorite is for the moment. This is why it didn´t astonish me at all, when she showed up in her new dress today.

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