Cindy-Episode 68- the chocolate cake


The upside down option didn’t work out well. So we had to change strategies. I sat down and googled for any convincing ideas. Maybe the good old chocolate therapy might help, I thought. There are loads of recipes in the net. I advanced the idea, that we could bake a chocolate cake for Gourmandinets welcome party. (By the way, we could also celebrate my hundredth post, hurrah.) I caught a glimpse of happiness on Cindys face.
She jumped up and got the baking ingredients out. It was a foolproof recipe. We managed to get it done quickly. It didn’t take long until a heady aroma spread all over the flat. The chocolate cake needed to cool down, before we could ice the cake with the chocolate icing.
I took advantage of the lovely autumn weather and went out for a run.
Well, no need of words to tell what had happened, as you can see, how I found Cindy sitting in the kitchen.
“Cindy, what’s going on here?”, I asked her. “Well, that was a piece of cake”, she answered”, “now we don’t have to bother about the icing any more.” Another cindiish  argument, you have to slug down, when you have a flatmate like her.

I will have to go to the bakery instead to get another cake for Gourmandinet. He let us know, that he will arrive tomorrow.

Cindy – Episode 67- upside down


Cindy is still in a rather unpleasant mood. And I am no longer willing to indulge her every whim. And I won’t ignore any longer her drooping mouth corners at breakfast, lunch and dinner time ( and within between these kitchentable gatherings).
That’s why I was overwhelmed with joy finding out about Carlas U assignment. She had come up with her upside down idea just in time. My hope was, that gravitiy would do the rest and the upside down position might bring at least one mouth corner back up, where it had been before.
Cindy let herself into this plan, maybe she was fed up herself with her nasty mood.

But it seems that the girl is so screwed up, that even gravitiy can’t help her.
Poor Cindy, poor me.

Cindy -Episode 65- welcome back????


I know!!! You still wait for news from our Galapagos trip. But current events push themselves to the fore.


It´s already T-time for everybody who is part of the „Y is for yellow“ community  and it seems that we have not a moment too soon a tremendously tricky time in our fairy tale flatshare. We just got the wonderful news, that Gourmandinet will return  in about two days time from his trip around the fairy talers world. Last night he twittered that he would try to take the next available DHL flight he could get on the German Unification Day, we celebrate today. I am not sure, that DHL will welcome him on board on this date, but never mind. It even gives us some more time to get prepared.
I told Cindy about his upcoming arrival and suggested throwing a welcome party for him. But she disapproved of my ideas and threw a tremendous tantrum instead. She got all worked up about Gourmandinet and his thirty month trip. I tried to gain a foothold and adduce some weighty arguments, what made me happy about his return. But she cut me short and rattled off endless points, why Gourmandinet shouldn´t live with us again. She rehashed old stories that Gourmandinet once had forgotten taking out the trash and other odd stuff. I was quite shocked, how she was mocking him and his trip. What was going on? We all know, that Cindy is NOT a remarkably quiet person. But this fit of temper was far too much.

Then she started sniffing. What was that? She never had done something like that before. Did she really want to put out all the stops and start crying? NO!!!! Instead Cindy capped it by taking my handpainted welcoming banner and breaking it in two. That made me gasp and run out of words. She was out of control. I sent her to her room. She threw the banner around the kitchen and huffed off.I can tell, by now the neighborhood is well informed about Gourmandinets arrival.

I sat down at the kitchen table with a tea. A nice cuppa always helps sorting thoughts. At the moment I only had a hunch of what was going on. Could it be true, that Cindy still was influenced by a far away election debate? Oh my!!!!! That was it!!!! We would need to find a better entertainment for October 9 or otherwise the „Pre Election mock disorder (PEMD)“ would drive us crazy.

Any leisure time tip handy?????