Cindy – Episode 39- OJEX (Orange juice Experiments)



When I came home from work, I found Cindy wobbly on her legs in the kitchen next to a pile of empty orange juice Tetra packs. She gazed in abstraction, sucking at a straw. I had seen her more hale and hearty before, I must say.

It was time to find out, what was going on, but when I asked her, she couldn’t answer, because a longish roaring burp made its way through our flat. Finally there was silence and Cindy announced: „Orange juice repeats on me.“

„Could you please explain, what you are up to?“, I urged her, but she was sucking at that straw again. „ Look at my hair, Petra, it works already“, she gargled between two gulps, „I just need another wee dram.“
I forced her to give me her glass and sit down on the kitchen chair. She slumped into the chair. A peculiar gurgling sound evolved from her tummy. Cindy seemed to be quite grateful, that I had rescued her from drinking another gallon of orange juice. I passed her a big bowl and while she was hanging over the bowl, she repeated, “but look at my hair….“

I am not sure, if it’s a good idea hosting our new guests any longer.

Cindy – Episode 38- What would you like for a drink?



They are still with us. Cindy and I tried to offer them a cup of tea. But they denied drinking it. So we put all liquids on the table, that they could make their own choice. One of them picked the orange juice. We had to heat it and pour it into one of our cocktail glasses. Cindy ran down the hallway to get one of her favourite straws she collects in her room. She is a very kind and helpful host, I must say.

Instantly the lad started sipping the steaming orange juice.

What then happened sounds like a fairy tale. With each sip our guest took, he changed more and more in color. But we ran out of orange juice before he had turned totally yellow. Amazing creatures.

We already tried talking with them. Cindy had installed a translator app on her I Pad. But she had an issue with finding and downloading a suitable languagepack yet.

Cindy – Episode 36- What a nightmare!!!!

24.08.2015  Back home:

When I woke up at seven, I heard my flushing cistern making lots of noise.

I had a look to give it a bang to stop, but then I realised, that it wasn’t only that problem, there was a waterpipe burst beyong the water meter.

I tried to close the main tap, but it didn’t work. And by rattling at the tap, I must have opened the broken pipe even more, because there was even more water coming out of the pipe. Soaking wet by this time, I can’t tell how desperate I felt.

I got all towels I could find, but the water was coming so fast and with such an enormous pressure. There was no chance to stop it.

My neigbor is my MONDAYMORNINGHERO. I met him on the staircase, he phoned our caretaker, who told him, where to find the maintap for the whole house. It took another 100 litres of cold water pouring in my flat to break the door open, where that stupid tap was hidden.

I could rescue my cookbook selection, which I normally store on my floor.

I am sooooo thankful, that it didn’t happen a week ago, when I was still on the flight back home and not tomorrow, when school starts again.

Now everything is dry again ( no! the towels are in the washing machine), thanks to the nice plumber, who came and fixed the desaster, I can have my first tea of the day.

He is my second HERO of the day.

We had a nice chat about about wildlife observation and travelling in Cuba, Sri Lanka and Uganda (I put up Gorilla pictures in my bathroom).

My neigbors in the flat downstairs had water dripping down the wall. I am so sorry for them.

I wish, I had made up this story,
but the water was real!!!!

Cindy tried very hard to help, but she nearly got into trouble, when the water washed her down the corridor.


Cindy – Episode 35- Borneo goes Cindy- Cindy goes Borneo

Cindy and I went out for shopping in Kuching in Borneo. She still looks for new trendy stuff for her next hairdo line.

There are lots of cool ( aircon) shopping plazas.

In one plaza we bumped into this shop. I couldn’t believe it….


I don’t need to tell, that Cindy was thrilled. It took us hours to check out every single item, they had on offer. Every hairslide and nailpolish had to be examined extensively. Her shopping basket was loaded with at least half of the shop, when I reminded her of our travelbudget.

But finally she made her choice, I didn’t fancy that piece, but she was more than happy with it.
  What do you think about Cindys taste?

Cindy shop style

Cindy – Episode 34- Touring the world


Right now I accompany Cindy on her tour around Singapore and Borneo. She is out here to find some new hairdo ideas.

She just finished her rainforest collection. Here is my favourite.

Pineapple, Rambutan, Taro, Fern, bits of Banana leaf arranged in simple but thrilling wig.

IMG_0433Here are some more

Cindy just came back from Singapore early in the morning, after taking part in the big festivities for the National day over there.


She was pretty tired and laid down for a nap. But there was not a lot time for resting, because today is National Day in Malaysia.


Long time no see

Yes, we are still alive!

After publishing the Schwümmli book, we were busy with life, so we didn´t spend much time on posting here.

But that doesn´t mean, that life didn´t come up with stories to tell.

There are some news in the pipeline. Cindy is very eager to get her adventures published in a book. We hope to get it printed before Christmas this year, knowing about some fans, who have it on their wishlist already. We will let you know about the publishing date as soon as we are ready to serve.

For now we use the spring time here in Germany to hop on our horses to guide you through the missing 12 months.