Cindy – Episode 38- What would you like for a drink?



They are still with us. Cindy and I tried to offer them a cup of tea. But they denied drinking it. So we put all liquids on the table, that they could make their own choice. One of them picked the orange juice. We had to heat it and pour it into one of our cocktail glasses. Cindy ran down the hallway to get one of her favourite straws she collects in her room. She is a very kind and helpful host, I must say.

Instantly the lad started sipping the steaming orange juice.

What then happened sounds like a fairy tale. With each sip our guest took, he changed more and more in color. But we ran out of orange juice before he had turned totally yellow. Amazing creatures.

We already tried talking with them. Cindy had installed a translator app on her I Pad. But she had an issue with finding and downloading a suitable languagepack yet.

2 thoughts on “Cindy – Episode 38- What would you like for a drink?

  1. They are just lovely watercolor creatures – I am looking forward to seeing more of their color changing actions


    Von Samsung-Tablet gesendet

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