Cindy – Episode 34- Touring the world


Right now I accompany Cindy on her tour around Singapore and Borneo. She is out here to find some new hairdo ideas.

She just finished her rainforest collection. Here is my favourite.

Pineapple, Rambutan, Taro, Fern, bits of Banana leaf arranged in simple but thrilling wig.

IMG_0433Here are some more

Cindy just came back from Singapore early in the morning, after taking part in the big festivities for the National day over there.


She was pretty tired and laid down for a nap. But there was not a lot time for resting, because today is National Day in Malaysia.


4 thoughts on “Cindy – Episode 34- Touring the world

    1. Thanks Herma, so much action here, that we forget to tell the world about our life. But now, we picked up the thread again.

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