Cindy – Episode 48- shopping


Cindy wasn’t too happy with her outfit, so she asked me to accompany her to look for a more fancy one.

What a day for shopping gowns!!!! The city was packed with people, bringing back to the shops whatever granny had given them for Christmas.

And the both of us in the middle of the crowd!!!

First of all she got a new bra. That was a good start. But then the trying on marathon started.

The shop assistant was very nice and helpful, she came with lots of different styles, textures and outfits. But Cindy remains for now and forever our Glamour girl, so she finally squeezed herself in the shiny one with the high neckline first, than she fancied more the one with the belt und the lower neckline

But she couldn’t make her mind up yet. The shop will keep both for her, so she can take council with her pillow tonight.

I get the feeling that we will finish the year with trying on loads of fancy dresses. Yawn! I keep you informed.

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