Cindy – Episode 43- Hot tubs



Cindy came up with a new business concept.

We were having a nice cup of tea, when she suddenly jumped right into my mug. I don’t really know, why. It’s pretty warm weather here, more like spring, and there is no need of warming up. But maybe she saw the KING OF JASMINE having a dip earlier. She was pretty relaxed, hanging there in my tea.

I asked her, what she was up to this time and she started twaddling something about opening a spa, selling aroma therapy sachets for hot tubs. She went on talking for a while about wellness, massage and so on. Finally she got cold, cause my tea had chilled down. When she crawled out of my mug, I could see, that there was a little sachet hanging on her belt. She grabbed a serviette, which was lying on the table, wrapped herself up and went down the hallway to get changed.

I didn’t have the courage to take another sip of my tea, which now was perfuming our kitchen with a very special aroma.

Just in case anybody out there is still looking for a Christmas present, she said, she would be more than pleased to sell some of her sachets. ( all on your own risk, I must say.)

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