The Schwümmlis – Episode 15- Alkmaar


The Schwümmlis –Episode 15-
Arriving in Alkmaar I found out, that life and traffic in this placid little town is very different to Amsterdams hectic city centre. The narrow streets in the heart of Alkmaar are too narrow for wide bike lanes and trams and buses and big cars. Everything is a bit more relaxed. So I sat down in a nice café and viewed the life around me. There were bikers around, I presume, there is no dutch city, town, village without cyclists, but they seemed to have more time. This Mum was passing by slowly with her baby in front. She even greeted friendly.
I had an awesome time Alkmaar.
By the way: Did you take notice of the peculiar hairdo of the Alkmaar Schwümmlis?

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