The Schwümmlis – Episode 16 – Easter Schwümmlis

Easter Schwümmlis

When I went to our local supermarket, I saw these two guys standing in front of the shop promoting the big traditional easter market in the nearby shopping mall. I just passed them, when the left one started talking to me. „Hi Mam, don’t you recognize me?“ No, I didn’t know, who he was. But then I saw the ears and the socks and suddenly I knew, he must be one of my neigbors. „ It’s me, Bruno!!“, he said. Oh yes, it was him. We chatted for a while and he told me, that he needed some money for his new smartphone. That’ s why his friend had convinced him, that this was the perfect job for him.
They didn’t really look very happy, but at least the weather was very breezy, so they didn’t have to sweat too much in their costume.

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