The Schwümmlis – Episode 14 – Beachrace

Beach race

Schwümmlis –Episode 14– Beach race
Before I went to Alkmaar I made a little detour. The sea is not far away from Amsterdam. So I got a train ticket to Zandvoort aan Zee. The station there is only a stone’s throw away from the beach. It was pretty breezy out there. But the sun was up and the sky was blue. A great day out.
On my way back a special event caught my eye, no first my ear. I could hear those whooping screams from quite far, because the wind carried the voices to me. When I closed up on the scene, I couldn’t believe, what I saw. There were quite a few Schwümmli families standing in the sand, all Mums and Dads pulling for their toddlers, the babys crawling through the sand like little crabs at tremendous speed. Most of them knew, where to crawl to, only one or two had other ideas about the toddler race.
I had to run for my train. So I can’t tell, who settled the race.

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