The Schwümmlis – Episode 13- Chinatown


Rambling about the city suddenly I found myself in Amsterdams Chinatown. You find lots of Chinese restaurants and Take aways there. You can get nearly everything to eat in this quarter. Poor Peking ducks were hanging prepared in the shopwindows waiting for hungry tourists, who were not into kroketten and brodjes.
You can also find Europes oldest Chinese temple here. Nearby I discovered this interesting Goddess statue. I am not sure, who put it up there. What a pity, that I could get only this snap of the head for you. The statue was very impressive with all those legs.
I couldn’t find any information on my Amsterdam travel app. But it resembles one of the statues, I saw in the cabinet at Schwümmlis home. So probably they can tell more about it and show me more pictures.

The making of….

The making of

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