The Schwümmlis -EPISODE ?


When I went out for my grocery shopping in the morning, I passed by Schwümmli’s flat door and could hear someone sobbing. The Schwümmli girl was still in tears. Poor thing.
I never call the Schwümmlis, but today I thought it might be more appropriate ringing Misses Schwümmli than knocking at the door to find out, if we might be of any help.
Around midday I rang them and Misses Schwümmli picked up the phone. “Anything ok with Betsy?”, I asked. She started describing, how little Betsy was standing in front of her, her eyes pretty red from crying so much, wearing a new pair of now sparkling mouse ears and clutching her mouse tail. “She is doing fine”, she said, ” slowly recovering from the accidently loss of her mouse tail yesterday. Unnoticed her baby sister had plucked her mouse tail of her in the morning before Betsy had left to her kindergarten party.

Arriving at the Kindergarten her best friend Mipsy had given her the once-over and had trumpeted out, that she wasn’t a real mouse with her stupid cup shirt and even not wearing a mouse tail.
Oh yes, children very often not mince their words. The party hadn’t started yet, but with these words the fun already was over for poor Betsy.
After two hours endless crying Misses Schwümmli got a call from Kindergarten to pick up her girl.

“We tried everything to cheer her up,” she said. “We sent Bruno, her big brother to get the most beautiful sparkling mouse ears the world have seen so far. But not until today she had looked at them. Now she is wearing them and she looks so beautiful with the sparkling all over the place. It seems that we are slowly out of the woods. I even might be able to do some shopping.” She gave thanks to me for asking and hang up.

I sat down and made a quick sketch of the poor soul.


CINDY -EPISODE 91- The blue bonnet


We both sat down at the kitchen table to watch the new prompt last night.
Cindy instantly fell in love with Kelly Lyles style. She said: “I would love to dress like her.” “YOU could certainly do that, Cindy.” “Oh, yes. I can”, she said. And of she went.
I could hear her sewing machine rattling all night long. In the early morning hours finals there was one big sigh coming out of her room. After that it got silent and up to now it remained silent. But about a couple of minutes ago the kitchendoor swang open and Cindy stepped in and presented her Kelly collection. Not too bad.
She is pretty good at copying by now. And she looks very confident.

CINDY -EPISODE 90- The Chocolate Cake

Part 4

Finally with a six hour delay Mr. Shipshape appeared. And he brought his cousin and lots of chocolate cake with him. The first (cousin) for another helping hand and the second ( chocolate cake) to calm Cindy down.

Now a chocolate cake and a very long excuse story later, they decided altogether, that it makes more sense to start early in the morning tomorrow as it gets dark already.


Part 3 

Cindy slowly gets mad here. Mr. Shipshape is still due. She checked her phone and emails several times. But no message.

He still lets her cool her heels. but I have the impression, that those heels get hotter with every minute, she has to wait.

The TEA Sims office (temporary employment agency), where she had ordered Mr. Shipshape, is around the corner. So she rushed to see the manager.

But Mr. Sims neither knew, where Mr. Shipshape was hiding. But he said, he could call him and find out, where he got stuck. He would let her know, as soon as he had any news.

Cindy left his office quite enraged. She is not amused. Maybe her personal assistant Tüpilein is in the end of more help than that Mr. Shipshape, even when she has to stand on the ladder all day.

CINDY -EPISODE 87- Mr. Shipshape

Part 1

Yesterday she had decided to give her room a new fresh look. First step was ordering a wallpaper sample book from our local DIY superstore, so that she could make her mind up at home. It arrived today with DHL. There are quite a few nice pattern in it, all handprinted, but she still can’t make her mind up.

Right now she is looking for a renovation helper. The internet is full of people, who would like to give you a hand. Hopefully she finds someone reliable.

Oh, just in this minute I can hear her steps in the hallway. The door is swinging open with a bang ( too late for a live video) and here she is, beaming!

“I just found the perfect man for tomorrow”, she lets me know. “Look at him, Petra. Doesn’t he look like Mr. Renovation himself?” “Well, Cindy, if you think so”, I gave it up some time ago discussing things with her, “when will you start?”

“Mr. Shipshape will come at ninez and have breakfast with us. Then we go and get the renovation stuff and the wallpaper. Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic plan for tomorrow, Petra?”

As you can imagine, I am overjoyed having a guest like Mr. Shipshape for breakfast.

You might have wondered why she doesn’t ask her personal assistant for a helping hand. Good question, but we found out that he is acrophobic, when we asked him to change a light blub in the hallway. So no help on the ladder tomorrow.

CINDY -EPISODE 85- Drama Queen

Our drama queen finally got up. I think, she spreads it on thick. But maybe her eyes still burn. Who knows?
It seems, that she already adopted our new tenant as her personal assistant. She will keep him busy today, that’s for sure.