Part 3 

Cindy slowly gets mad here. Mr. Shipshape is still due. She checked her phone and emails several times. But no message.

He still lets her cool her heels. but I have the impression, that those heels get hotter with every minute, she has to wait.

The TEA Sims office (temporary employment agency), where she had ordered Mr. Shipshape, is around the corner. So she rushed to see the manager.

But Mr. Sims neither knew, where Mr. Shipshape was hiding. But he said, he could call him and find out, where he got stuck. He would let her know, as soon as he had any news.

Cindy left his office quite enraged. She is not amused. Maybe her personal assistant Tüpilein is in the end of more help than that Mr. Shipshape, even when she has to stand on the ladder all day.

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