CINDY -EPISODE 87- Mr. Shipshape

Part 1

Yesterday she had decided to give her room a new fresh look. First step was ordering a wallpaper sample book from our local DIY superstore, so that she could make her mind up at home. It arrived today with DHL. There are quite a few nice pattern in it, all handprinted, but she still can’t make her mind up.

Right now she is looking for a renovation helper. The internet is full of people, who would like to give you a hand. Hopefully she finds someone reliable.

Oh, just in this minute I can hear her steps in the hallway. The door is swinging open with a bang ( too late for a live video) and here she is, beaming!

“I just found the perfect man for tomorrow”, she lets me know. “Look at him, Petra. Doesn’t he look like Mr. Renovation himself?” “Well, Cindy, if you think so”, I gave it up some time ago discussing things with her, “when will you start?”

“Mr. Shipshape will come at ninez and have breakfast with us. Then we go and get the renovation stuff and the wallpaper. Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic plan for tomorrow, Petra?”

As you can imagine, I am overjoyed having a guest like Mr. Shipshape for breakfast.

You might have wondered why she doesn’t ask her personal assistant for a helping hand. Good question, but we found out that he is acrophobic, when we asked him to change a light blub in the hallway. So no help on the ladder tomorrow.

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