CINDY -EPISODE 84- A New Flatmate


With this prompt I thought I won’t have any trouble with anybody in my flat, because there is an agreement, that each member of this community cares for her/his own footgear only.

So I went to my shoe rack to pick one of my walking boots, but strangely enough there was only one of them sitting on the rack. I looked around and found the second one in the other corner of our hallway. What had happened here? Cindy had her own boots and my were far too big for her. But maybe she had tripped over it last night not seeing anything with her eyes on fire.

But when I bent down to pick up the boot, I noticed someone looking at me wide-eyed. His mouth was moving quickly. I heard some squeaky sound but couldn’t make out any word. He started waving around with his tiny arms wildly gesturing. As far as I understood, he seemed to be a new lodger in our flatshare. I had a deeper look in my boot and saw, that someone had made oneself at home already.

Well, good that boots always come in pairs. I picked the untenanted and sat down in the kitchen to start with Carlas prompt.

CINDY -EPISODE 83- Hula Hula


It was just a question of time, until Cindy showed up in the kitchen to look, what I was up to.

She was so delighted about the wonderful hula, she saw in one post, that she instantly ripped of her clothes to try on a tulip sort of hula. She wiggled her hips and got really excited. “Hey, Petra, with this hula, I need to wear the hottest bra ever.” 

She jumped into the spice board and picked some really hot bird chiles from Mexico. I had to take a picture. I was just in time, because a second later, she was in tears, because she had rubbed her eyes with her chile fingers. Poor girl!

CINDY -EPISODE 82- Granny Schwümmli


While listening to Mandy Greer I thought it might the right time to reintroduce you to my neigbors, the Schwümmlis. It is wonderful to have them next door. Such a lovely family.

Today I have a short portrait of Granny Schwümmli for you. Because when we talk about textile art and adventurers, we can’t fail to make her acquaintance.

Granny Schwümmli had built up quite a reputation in the kneesock knitter scene as early as in the 1950s. Her “Magic Rainbow” Kneesocks are on display for decades already in the Museum of Contemporary Knitting and Wooly Art. You can find a picture of the hanging here:

Nowadays her unmistakable style is still en vogue and thousands of handknitted kneesocks are shipped to all parts of the world.

Granny is not only a fantastic entrepeneur, but she also is an explorer and adventurer. She seeks for inspiration by travelling around the world and gets sometimes inspired by artists as far as Seattle.

Her new fashion line shows (she loves presenting her fashion herself), that there are no boundaries, when you think of wooly art. Amazing what she creates with her knitting needles.

CINDY -EPISODE 81- the lemon ranch


FAKE NEWS whereever you look!!!

Did you really believe, that lemons grow on trees?

Here is the unequivocal proof, that this is not actually true.

Cindy came back with this picture of an ad, she had taken a couple of hours ago at our local grocery store.

Cindy -Episode 80- Back to the roots



I learnt a lot about my flatmate these days. She had never talked much about her past. But maybe todays video might be responsible for the slight change in her information policy.
I could hear, how Cindy opened the old box, where she kept the secrets of her former life. Just a couple of minutes later she entered the kitchen and showed me a page, she must have torn out of something similar to a year book.
She was short of words and didn’t want to explain, what had happened with the words below her photo. And she didn’t want to tell more about the High School itself.

Quite funny classmates she had, that’s for sure.

(Collaboration work with Eva. I am sure you can identify her work.)



Cindy -Episode 79- the dream in Magenta


Sorry for the late delivery, but DHL had a delay because of the harsh weather conditions.

Cindy gave in to temptation and ordered one of Auntie Quins magenta negligés.
It came in a box with matching slippers, nail polish and bows.

I must say, this color is indeed very flattering.



Cindy -Episode 78- Auntie Quin talks Quin

Auntie Quin

#7 Auntie Quin talks Quins

We just were discussing, if we should put the book of rare beasts onto the scanner to show you the subspecies of the Quinacrodurus Aerius, Eva had shown earlier, when the door bell rang.
It was already quite late and we didn’t expect any guests. The streets were empty because of the icy rain, which had come down earlier in the day. I sent Cindy to the door to open, while I poured another round of steaming hot tea for the two of us.

I could hear her excited voice in the hallway. „Petra“, she squeaked, „you have to come and see who is here.“ I stepped into the hallway and couldn’t believe what I saw. There was standing a lady just wearing a gauzy dress, which wasn’t appropriate for the weather conditions at all.

But once you have carried pink clouds home from the seaside, your start getting unflappable. Slowly I found my tongue. I tried to be kind and wanted to introduce myself.
„Petra“, Cindy leapfroged me, „this is Auntie Quin. Auntie Quin, this is Petra, my flatmate.“

I asked her into the kitchen, where the tea got cold. I had to sit down. Auntie Quin hauled a massive suitcase into the kitchen and found her seat as well.
„Tell me Auntie, what are you here for?“, Cindy was jazzed. „What lovely dress you have put on for your visit, but isn’t it a bit breezy for tonight?“ I didn’t know, that Cindy could talk so sober. Then Auntie Quin started telling us one of the stories, you won’t forget.
But lets condense it for you.

We learnt in the next few hours not only that she had had an accident just around the corner because of the ice and her beloved sportscar was a total loss, but also we found out, what she was carrying around in her suitcase.
Auntie had been on the way back home from a party and had remembered that her favorite niece was living not far. So she had taken her belongings and had found us in record time.

Where I want to go in detail a bit more is, what happened, when she expounded her extraordinary outfit. She had been to a special party, something like a tupper party, she said. And then she opened up her suitcase and showed us her purchase of the evening.

„Those dresses are just gorgeous, very vibrant, almost glowy, the underwear glows right through, fantastic transparency. I’m loving the quinacrodon line. They just started adding the purple I wear tonight, I instantly fell in love with it.“ Now Auntie Quin got carried away.
„Just let me show you some more. I have three others garments with me today.
This is the magenta just right out of the box.“ Cindy was still with her, but I wasn’t interested any more and wished them a good night. I retired as polite as I could.
I don’t know, how long they were sitting there together discussing tranparency and glowiness.
Cindy will let me know about more details, that’s for sure.