CINDY -EPISODE 84- A New Flatmate


With this prompt I thought I won’t have any trouble with anybody in my flat, because there is an agreement, that each member of this community cares for her/his own footgear only.

So I went to my shoe rack to pick one of my walking boots, but strangely enough there was only one of them sitting on the rack. I looked around and found the second one in the other corner of our hallway. What had happened here? Cindy had her own boots and my were far too big for her. But maybe she had tripped over it last night not seeing anything with her eyes on fire.

But when I bent down to pick up the boot, I noticed someone looking at me wide-eyed. His mouth was moving quickly. I heard some squeaky sound but couldn’t make out any word. He started waving around with his tiny arms wildly gesturing. As far as I understood, he seemed to be a new lodger in our flatshare. I had a deeper look in my boot and saw, that someone had made oneself at home already.

Well, good that boots always come in pairs. I picked the untenanted and sat down in the kitchen to start with Carlas prompt.

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