CINDY -EPISODE 82- Granny Schwümmli


While listening to Mandy Greer I thought it might the right time to reintroduce you to my neigbors, the Schwümmlis. It is wonderful to have them next door. Such a lovely family.

Today I have a short portrait of Granny Schwümmli for you. Because when we talk about textile art and adventurers, we can’t fail to make her acquaintance.

Granny Schwümmli had built up quite a reputation in the kneesock knitter scene as early as in the 1950s. Her “Magic Rainbow” Kneesocks are on display for decades already in the Museum of Contemporary Knitting and Wooly Art. You can find a picture of the hanging here:

Nowadays her unmistakable style is still en vogue and thousands of handknitted kneesocks are shipped to all parts of the world.

Granny is not only a fantastic entrepeneur, but she also is an explorer and adventurer. She seeks for inspiration by travelling around the world and gets sometimes inspired by artists as far as Seattle.

Her new fashion line shows (she loves presenting her fashion herself), that there are no boundaries, when you think of wooly art. Amazing what she creates with her knitting needles.

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