Cindy -Episode 58- Runner’s Delight


imageY is for Yellow –  H week

Cindy and Granny Schwümmli run the Haspa Marathon Hamburg two weeks ago.

Last week we had a reporter from the Runner’s Delight Magazine here for an interview. The lady was also  interested in the pictures we took during the week after the marathon. She said, she could use them for the Collector’s Edition, they sell together with their magazine.

Today they sent us a preview of the title page. Amazing, what people are interested in. As soon as we can grab a copy of this issue, we will let you know. But maybe you are faster and find it at your local kiosk.

Cindy -Episode 57- Mother’s day

Y is for Yellow Class – I week

All mothers in the world may have a wonderful day !!!!

Oh no, relax and calm down, you didn’t miss the J to L lessons. It is not M week yet, we know, but Mother’s day doesn’t care about some M week in the furture.

The kids st school were already asking, what idea we would come up with this time. They love our craftsy ideas and that was fuelling Cindys and my brain.
So we sat down to invent this intriguing idea you can see in the little video. The card is indeed an extended version, so we had quite an issue to capture Cindy with her immense legs. After her Marathon she had stretched her legs a lot, but I hadn’t realise, what impact that could have on them. But it came handy for our project. It might also be implementable for a card for Dad.
Have fun!

The words are easy to understand on top
You are the greatest (in German same meaning als “tall”) MUM in the world!!!
You ask yourself, why?
Along the legs every student can write some sentences, what makes his/her mum unique. I can’t wait to see, what they will write down.


Cindy – Episode 56- The “Dali Delice”

04.03.2016 Y is for Yellow  D and E-Week

IMG_6431Cindy and I had lovely lunch around the corner. Our Café “Dali delice” had yummy food on the menu. So we set down, had some dumplings and went for the surprise dessert. And indeed, we were surprised by what Salvadore served us.

We finished our lunch off with an espresso (only because it starts with an e, we normally are teadrinkers ) and left Salvadore for some strongly needed exercise. There were some rabbits to be chased and there was a mob of elephants waiting for us to be erased out of the graphit.



Cindy – Episode 55- The B Adventure part 2

30.01.2016 Y is for yellow  B-Week

IMG_6371Both of us had been out and about the last few days. Not even a cup of tea we had shared during the week. But today Cindy and I sat down at the kitchen table with a big pot of tea and Cindy told me the most peculiar story I have heard for long.

But please form your own opinion.

Cindy took a nip of the King of Jasmine, put down the cup and started.

“You won’t believe, what happened to me at the flea market last Saturday. Such a lovely market with an endless range of Bric-a-Brac, I really looooooove it there. But this time, there was something new. An old bald-headed man with a big nose was sitting on a stool behind an easle painting people, who posed on the other side of the canvas.

Cind had a another sip. “I wondered, why he didn’t feel cold in his white and black striped shirt”, she continued. “I was wearing my big boots and got already cold feet standing there only for five minutes. So I left him.” “Did you buy anything new, Cindy?”, I said, but she got furious. ” PLEASE, Petra, DO NOT interrupt me! After I had finished my stroll, and no I hadn’t bought anything new, he still sat at the same spot. He was looking in my direction and a charming smile appeared on his face. I turned around to look for the person, he was aiming for. But there was nobody besides me. He nodded and made an inviting gesture. Petra, he meant ME. So I sat down in front of him and he instantly started painting me. “I love your face”, he rose his voice talking with a nice southeuropean accent, “I live around the corner, why don’t you come and see me in my studio and sit for me?”

Cindy paused and grabbed her cup, which gave me the chance to ask her: “So you went to see this stranger?? And sat for him???. “Yes, yes, yes”, she got excited,”I spent the last few nights posing for him. He is pretty famous. I googled him. His studio is amazing and all his work, you won’t believe it, very funny statues and crazy pictures. But I found it bit irritating, that he had blue paint in use only. But never mind. He is a genius. Last night he finished the last piece and said, I could have it.” She jumped up and flew down the hallway to come back a minute later heaving a big parcel into the kitchen. We unwrapped it and here it was.

“Petra, I own an Original Bicasso”, she said as proud as a Spaniard,” this will fit over my sofa nicely.”

For my taste he hadn’t really had captured her eyes properly. But Cindy was sooooo happy with her portrait, that I didn’t dare to say, that I had never ever heard of Bicasso before.

She urged me to take a photo of her next to her Bicasso. ” but wait a for a sec”, she said and off she went heaving back the canvas. While I got my camera out, I could hear her rumbling around. “Peeeeeeeeetra”, she shouted, ” I am ready for the shooting. Come heeeeere, please.” I went to her room, finding her in her new bathing suit, Paige had made for her. “Why do you have to wear the bathing suit for this photo?”, I tried to find out, “But isn’t it B week at Carla girls class?”, she said and posed for the picture.

Yes, she is right, it is still B Week and there she is in her yellow bathing suit next to her blue Bicasso.

Cindy – Episode 54- the Blue Booted Booby

05.02.2016 Yellow class  B-Week

We really love scrolling through all the facebook posts, the yellow fellows put on our classroom wall. It became a pleasant ritual last year with the sparkers to discuss the latest news from our group and we still celebrate it this way.

When I came home from work today, Cindy was already sitting at the kitchen table with her I Pad waiting for me.

” Look, Petra”, she started before I had sat down,” look, the people didn’t learn the lesson yet.”

I didn’t know, what she was talking about. “They still think, spinach is the best vegetable, when you suffer from iron deficiency and they still think, the BLUE BOOTED BOOBY is called BLUE FOOTED BOOBY.

I have to explain, that Cindy is sort of an expert on these lovely birds. She saw them in the wild on the Galapagos islands. And she brought home some nice photos, we put on the kitchen wall.

Only now I saw all the birdwatching magazines, she had piled on the floor.

Cindy grabbed a couple of them and started thumbing through them. “Just wait a sec”, she mumbled, while leafing through the next issue.

“Ha”, she said, celebrating her triumph, “we have to post this instantly to kill off this bloody fairy tale of the blue feet.” She showed me an article about the BLUE BOOTED BOOBY, but before I could start reading it, she already was on her way to our scanner.

Ok, so here is it, the one and only truth about these birds, if you like it or not!



Cindy – Episode 53- the B Adventure Part 1 aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aa staying alive

12.01.2016 Yellow class  B-Week
I presume, Cindy got there something totally wrong. But everybody who knows her a bit by now might already know, that there is no way in convincing her, that she is barking up the wrong tree. Apparently she pretends not hearing what I say or her brain just works in a very different way.

Here is short recap of last nights incidents.

It was already nearly eleven o’clock and I was sitting at my kitchentable checking the latest posts in YELLOW, when the door opened and Cindy pitter-pattered into the kitchen dressed in one of her fancy ballet bodies.

IMG_6264“I gonna take up the challenge, Petra”, she said, her ballet tutu swooshing around her head (yes, that’s the way she wears it, around her head.) “Your Carla girl there in Seattle was asking us to build a body. I am not sure, how she knows, that we should get our body in shape, but she is quite right, isn’t she? I gonna take up the challenge”, she repeated. Cindy stroke down her hips. I tried to clear up the misunderstanding. “Cindy, please don’t call her Carla girl, she isn’t a girl”, I started, but she were out again hopping down the hallway. Just a few seconds later she came back with her fitness mat, she had had bought for fullfilling the last years resolutions. She unrolled it on the kitchenfloor. It was pretty dusty. As far as I know, she never had used it before. “Cindy”, I started the next attempt to tell her the truth about building a body, but she was busy with putting one of her favourite mixtapes in our taperecorder. She pressed the play button and jumped onto her mat, counting down from eight, snipping her fingers. Then she started singing ” aaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa staying alive, staying alive” swinging with her hips. The Bee Gees hit from 1977, her fave song since last New years eve party roared through our kitchen and the rest of the house. [You can find it here:]

Then she came down to her knees still singing, but already struggling for air. Now she brought herself to a sort of all-fours position, her backbone and belly in a steady move up and down. I had seen that position somewhere before. Then a post from a yellow fellow popped up in my mind, Cindy also must have seen that one. She reminded me of the encounter with the apes in Uganda a couple of years ago.

The song came to end and Cindy plonked herself down on the mat. Lying down there in our kitchen she seemed at peace with the world and herself.

She recovered her breath and announced: “You can call this exercise the “Bee Gees blue bell(y) body ballet backbone swoosh, ok? Your fellow yellows should start with it tomorrow morning to build their body. And I want to see Carla girl in the first row!”

I am so sorry Carla, that she doesn’t cease from calling you girl. I give my very best to allure her from doing that. But her exercise predestines for the B week, somehow picking up the best from week A mixing it with an outlook on B, doesn’t it?

So, you all listen to Cindy and get your ballet body out. We meet tomorrow morning in the kitchen.

Cindy – Episode 52- The A adventure

IMG_615511.01.2016 Yellow class  A-Week

Also Cindy picked up the yellow thread and finally got in an A mood today. When I came home after work, the doors of the balcony were wide open and ABBA filled the street with their Greatest Hits. Cindy awaited me in the halway wearing her 70’s outfit, karaoking ABBAs “Happy new year”. “Cindy, you are two weeks late with this song”, I said. But she couldn’t hear me, cause ABBA was just incredible loud.

Cindy had made yummy apple crumble and poured us a cup of apricot scented tea. I asked her to turn the music down, but she was still whirling around and didn’t listen, which meant, that I had to turn it off. I needed peace and quiet after school. Silence! Instantly Cindy froze to stone and stared at me. It took while, till she took breath again.

“But your Carla girl from Seattle”, she gasped, “didn’t she say, that we should celebrate the A this week? “Yes my dear, but in an artful way” I tried to explain.” Cindy protested: “if ABBA is no art, I bail out.” She started eating the crumble, when her face went green and she rushed to the toilet.

It didn’t sound promising, so I dipped my spoon into the crumble and tasted it. It was absolutely awful ( may I juggle with some A words here).

“What the hell did you put in that apple crumble, Cindy?”, I asked when she came back as pale as death. “Oh, there was so much tasty A stuff in the fridge and in the cupboards. I found avocado, anchovy, apricots, asparagus, artichoke and some agar agar sachets. In the cabinet there was this lovely little bottle of ABSOLUT Wodka and the Anis Schnaps, we got last year in Spain. So I altered the crumble recipe just a bit.” I thanked Cindy, threw the crumble and got a sliece of bread instead.

Hmm. This year might become a culinary art adventure, in case Cindy isn’t cured after here first A attempt.