Cindy – Episode 52- The A adventure

IMG_615511.01.2016 Yellow class  A-Week

Also Cindy picked up the yellow thread and finally got in an A mood today. When I came home after work, the doors of the balcony were wide open and ABBA filled the street with their Greatest Hits. Cindy awaited me in the halway wearing her 70’s outfit, karaoking ABBAs “Happy new year”. “Cindy, you are two weeks late with this song”, I said. But she couldn’t hear me, cause ABBA was just incredible loud.

Cindy had made yummy apple crumble and poured us a cup of apricot scented tea. I asked her to turn the music down, but she was still whirling around and didn’t listen, which meant, that I had to turn it off. I needed peace and quiet after school. Silence! Instantly Cindy froze to stone and stared at me. It took while, till she took breath again.

“But your Carla girl from Seattle”, she gasped, “didn’t she say, that we should celebrate the A this week? “Yes my dear, but in an artful way” I tried to explain.” Cindy protested: “if ABBA is no art, I bail out.” She started eating the crumble, when her face went green and she rushed to the toilet.

It didn’t sound promising, so I dipped my spoon into the crumble and tasted it. It was absolutely awful ( may I juggle with some A words here).

“What the hell did you put in that apple crumble, Cindy?”, I asked when she came back as pale as death. “Oh, there was so much tasty A stuff in the fridge and in the cupboards. I found avocado, anchovy, apricots, asparagus, artichoke and some agar agar sachets. In the cabinet there was this lovely little bottle of ABSOLUT Wodka and the Anis Schnaps, we got last year in Spain. So I altered the crumble recipe just a bit.” I thanked Cindy, threw the crumble and got a sliece of bread instead.

Hmm. This year might become a culinary art adventure, in case Cindy isn’t cured after here first A attempt.

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