Cindy -Episode 57- Mother’s day

Y is for Yellow Class – I week

All mothers in the world may have a wonderful day !!!!

Oh no, relax and calm down, you didn’t miss the J to L lessons. It is not M week yet, we know, but Mother’s day doesn’t care about some M week in the furture.

The kids st school were already asking, what idea we would come up with this time. They love our craftsy ideas and that was fuelling Cindys and my brain.
So we sat down to invent this intriguing idea you can see in the little video. The card is indeed an extended version, so we had quite an issue to capture Cindy with her immense legs. After her Marathon she had stretched her legs a lot, but I hadn’t realise, what impact that could have on them. But it came handy for our project. It might also be implementable for a card for Dad.
Have fun!

The words are easy to understand on top
You are the greatest (in German same meaning als “tall”) MUM in the world!!!
You ask yourself, why?
Along the legs every student can write some sentences, what makes his/her mum unique. I can’t wait to see, what they will write down.


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