Cindy – Episode 54- the Blue Booted Booby

05.02.2016 Yellow class  B-Week

We really love scrolling through all the facebook posts, the yellow fellows put on our classroom wall. It became a pleasant ritual last year with the sparkers to discuss the latest news from our group and we still celebrate it this way.

When I came home from work today, Cindy was already sitting at the kitchen table with her I Pad waiting for me.

” Look, Petra”, she started before I had sat down,” look, the people didn’t learn the lesson yet.”

I didn’t know, what she was talking about. “They still think, spinach is the best vegetable, when you suffer from iron deficiency and they still think, the BLUE BOOTED BOOBY is called BLUE FOOTED BOOBY.

I have to explain, that Cindy is sort of an expert on these lovely birds. She saw them in the wild on the Galapagos islands. And she brought home some nice photos, we put on the kitchen wall.

Only now I saw all the birdwatching magazines, she had piled on the floor.

Cindy grabbed a couple of them and started thumbing through them. “Just wait a sec”, she mumbled, while leafing through the next issue.

“Ha”, she said, celebrating her triumph, “we have to post this instantly to kill off this bloody fairy tale of the blue feet.” She showed me an article about the BLUE BOOTED BOOBY, but before I could start reading it, she already was on her way to our scanner.

Ok, so here is it, the one and only truth about these birds, if you like it or not!



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