The Schwümmlis -Episode 12 –

Amsterdam cyclists 2

I went out strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, always attentive of the cyclists, scooters, tram, buses and cars. The cyclists even have their own clearly marked lane here. Many of them are quite fast as you could see yesterday. It’s like paradise, when you own a bike.
Today I saw this mum, pedalling her Baby to the Kindergarten at adequate speed.
Look, also Mum was on guard, there was a stupid tourist coming from the left. Phew, all went well this time.

The Schwümmlis -Episode 11- The surprise

Amstdam cylcist 1

I didn’t know, that there were Schwümmlis living in Amsterdam until the moment, when one of them nearly ran me over at the red traffic lights.
The cyclists are very fast on their bikes here. We both were quite shocked, so I couldn’t ask, if he knew my Schwümmli family back home.

Cindy and The Schwümmlis -Episode 1-

The WundertüteI am so sorry for this long story, but Cindy forced me to write everything down, she is soo proud of it.

So let’s go back quickly to last weeks events to understand the rest of the story.
Last week while I was so busy with making ink monsters and nights lamps, Cindy went next door to see the Schwümmlis. She gets along pretty well with them and on Wednesday allSchwümmlis but Baby Schwümmli

and Granddad went off to see a befriended family. So they asked Cindy to look after Baby and Granddad, who is already quite old and prefers staying at home.

Next morning Cindy and I had breakfast together and she told me about her first evening as a babysitter. Cindy had had a lovely evening with them, Baby Schwümmli sleeping soundly while Granddad and her had flipped through the famous photo album, he had aready shared with me.
„And look, what I have got here“, Cindy suddenly got exited and dangled a tiny box in front of me.
„He gave it to me instead of paying me money.“ Cindy looked at it enchantedly. „Instead of money??“, I asked her bewildered. „You think, our landlord will take it as the rent, Cindy?.“ She got quiet and fiddled with the box. „But it is a special Kitschbox made in Düsseldorf, Granddad told me“, she tried to get out of the affair, „and you have to look inside. It’s filled to the brim with special Schwümmli stamps. She poured them onto the kitchen table. Loads and loads of teeny-weeny stamps!!!
„I could have a try at selling some of them “, she proposed. „Have you got any idea, how to sell those, Cindy?“ I was stumped and felt helpless, sharing my flat with someone naive like her. But she really meant, what she said. She wanted to pay the rent with selling tiny stamps.
„I have an idea“, she smiled a secret smile. „You always get these „Wundertüten“, the tiny goody bags from your friend in Düsseldorf. I think, we have to meet her and talk to her.“
And off we went to see Eva, the „wundertüten“ expert.
Last weekend we three sat together in Evas „big room studio“ , discussed many options, ate loads of monsterapple cake and created a prototype of the „Wundertüte“. Eva contributed some giraffes and birdy creatures. And the three of us liked it so much, that we made a real job of it and produced a first batch of them.
Cindy even got the brilliant idea to give a tiny album with the stamps, in case somebody wants to start collecting them.
And now we proudly present the first product of our collaborative project in our new etsy shop „CindyAndFriends“ .

if you want to purchase a Wundertüte, you have to be quick. There are only three left.(18.03.2015)

The Schwümmlis – Episode 10 – Howl owls

Howl OwlsIt seems, that Granny Schwümmli has built up quite a clientele in the neigborhood. When I looked out of the window, I saw these two little guys sitting there in my backyard and wondering, who would be the first in the pond. They didn’t appear to be of the adventurous kind.

When I came back five minutes later, they had taken safety precautions. Do you think, they will make it?

Safety precautions



The Schwümmlis – Episode 9 – In honour of a hero

Brunos heroI met Bruno a second time. What an emotional week for Schwümmlis youngster. First his hero Bruno Mars won a Brit Award for the best single and today he got the news, that his hero number one passed away.

He was short in words and greeted with the Vulcan Salute. Bruno honored him with wearing his ears in a very unschwümmly way.  I didn’t try to explain, that the actor and not his hero himself had died.

May he rest in peace.


The Schwümmlis – Episode 7 – Bruno

BrunoI went to bed early last night and fell asleep very quickly. Suddenly in the middle of the night a roaring voice woke me up. I could hear Dad Schwümmli bawling at somebody to turn the music down. Then it got silent again and I went back to sleep.

Today when I turned the keys, one of the Schwümmli youngsters stepped out of the door.

Wow, he had a funky look. We had never met before. I tried talking to him, but he didn’t hear me at first. But then he saw me and turned down the music, he was listening to. I introduced myself and he hissed: „Just call me Bruno.“ When I asked him about the noise during the night, he just snapped: „That wasn’t noise, that was MUSIC! My Dad doesn’t have taste! Hey, he won a Brit Award, I had to turn it up a little bit.“ Then he jumped down the stairs.

I had to google the Brit awards and found a doppelgänger of my Schwümmli neighbor there performing „Uptown Funk“. He had won the Award for the best single. I wonder, if somebody had already explained our funky man, what a single is. He won’t have seen one yet , I presume.


The Schwümmlis – Episode 6 – Yarn bomber Granny

imageyarn bombingWhen I came back home from work, I couldn’t help making a little detour. I was too curious not to take a peek  at our local statue around the corner. Seems that Granny Schwümmli gave the statue the finishing touches. I didn’t know yet, that she is part of the guerilla knitters movement around town. But these kneesocks definitely carry her thumbprint.

Cindy – Episode 33 – The Do it yourself horse (DIY Horse)

The horseCindy is absolutely delighted. Since last September (Cindy Episodes 17-24) we were discussing the horse pet issue in our flat. She had had ordered loads of catalogues finding the right pet, but somehow we managed without ordering one until today.

Today we got an interesting mail from Seattle (yes, it is the same lady, who had developed the fantastic new Inside Out fashion line ). This time she was offering the DIY horse pet and we happily sat down together and got all the stuff out, we had been collecting for months if not years. I must tell you, I haven’t been so happy for a long time. The world around us disappeared, so did the surface of our table. And the DIY horse came alive, at first on wiggly legs, but soon gaining some weight and muscles. Granny Schwümmli instantly got out her neddlework, when Cindy ran over to tell her, what was going on.

Well, now, the horse is standing here in the kitchen and we have revisited the lovely video already twice. But we cannot find any hot tip on what these creatures like to eat. As you can see, we offered already quite a tasty menu. But look, the apple already started getting brown and our new flatmate refused flatly, whatever we brought him.

Is there anybody out there with the same problem? We would appreciate any helpful advice. Thanks.