Cindy – Episode 33 – The Do it yourself horse (DIY Horse)

The horseCindy is absolutely delighted. Since last September (Cindy Episodes 17-24) we were discussing the horse pet issue in our flat. She had had ordered loads of catalogues finding the right pet, but somehow we managed without ordering one until today.

Today we got an interesting mail from Seattle (yes, it is the same lady, who had developed the fantastic new Inside Out fashion line ). This time she was offering the DIY horse pet and we happily sat down together and got all the stuff out, we had been collecting for months if not years. I must tell you, I haven’t been so happy for a long time. The world around us disappeared, so did the surface of our table. And the DIY horse came alive, at first on wiggly legs, but soon gaining some weight and muscles. Granny Schwümmli instantly got out her neddlework, when Cindy ran over to tell her, what was going on.

Well, now, the horse is standing here in the kitchen and we have revisited the lovely video already twice. But we cannot find any hot tip on what these creatures like to eat. As you can see, we offered already quite a tasty menu. But look, the apple already started getting brown and our new flatmate refused flatly, whatever we brought him.

Is there anybody out there with the same problem? We would appreciate any helpful advice. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Cindy – Episode 33 – The Do it yourself horse (DIY Horse)

  1. Well, of course your new horsie pet refused what you gave him. He only eats raw silk and pure cotton. And they must be raw and organic – he’s a fabrictarian

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