The Schwümmlis – Episode 5 – Granny fights back

Granny stands upI met Granny Schwümmli on my way back from our local market. We chatted for a while about this and that. Granny is an ambitious listener of our Radio programme „Deutschland Radio Kultur“, which means, that she is always well informed about the news from around the world.

She told me about the handbag statue struggle in Sweden. Her voice grew louder and louder, trying to explain me, that she would have acted in the very same way. Granny  flew into fury about this topic and was waving her handbag around our heads, as if she had been that lady back in 1985. She was on her way to our nearby statue to leave her delicate handbag there.

Quite a couragious old lady she is, not only good at knitting kneesocks.


Did you hear about the statue handbag protest in Sweden? You find the story in the link.


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