The Schwümmlis – Episode 10 – Howl owls

Howl OwlsIt seems, that Granny Schwümmli has built up quite a clientele in the neigborhood. When I looked out of the window, I saw these two little guys sitting there in my backyard and wondering, who would be the first in the pond. They didn’t appear to be of the adventurous kind.

When I came back five minutes later, they had taken safety precautions. Do you think, they will make it?

Safety precautions



2 thoughts on “The Schwümmlis – Episode 10 – Howl owls

  1. Oh my goodness – this is one of your best yet! Those water-wings and that ducky inner tube are pure genius. (the froggy in the pond leaves is pretty cute too).

    I have a feeling they are sitting there thinking about getting snorkels.

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