The Schwümmlis – Episode 7 – Bruno

BrunoI went to bed early last night and fell asleep very quickly. Suddenly in the middle of the night a roaring voice woke me up. I could hear Dad Schwümmli bawling at somebody to turn the music down. Then it got silent again and I went back to sleep.

Today when I turned the keys, one of the Schwümmli youngsters stepped out of the door.

Wow, he had a funky look. We had never met before. I tried talking to him, but he didn’t hear me at first. But then he saw me and turned down the music, he was listening to. I introduced myself and he hissed: „Just call me Bruno.“ When I asked him about the noise during the night, he just snapped: „That wasn’t noise, that was MUSIC! My Dad doesn’t have taste! Hey, he won a Brit Award, I had to turn it up a little bit.“ Then he jumped down the stairs.

I had to google the Brit awards and found a doppelgänger of my Schwümmli neighbor there performing „Uptown Funk“. He had won the Award for the best single. I wonder, if somebody had already explained our funky man, what a single is. He won’t have seen one yet , I presume.


One thought on “The Schwümmlis – Episode 7 – Bruno

  1. Bruno is one fashion forward dude – matching hat and shoes, matching socks and jacket. I wonder if he is destined for a career on the Paris runway for fashion week next year?

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