My world


Gourmandinet loves sweets
Gourmandinet loves sweets

Now I also start showing my art in the world wide web. Have fun with Cindy, Gourmandinet and the other folks, who inhabit my sketchbooks.

Jetzt gehe auch ich an den weltweiten Start mit meiner Kunst. Viel Spaß mit Cindy, Gourmandinet und all den anderen Gestalten, die meine Skizzenbücher bevölkern.

6 thoughts on “My world

  1. Congratulation Petra, you’ve finally created a blog! I am going to be a regular visitor, I promise. Love the stories you create around these cute characters, who apparently live in your house….or are busy travelling the world.

  2. Yes Petra! So much fun, a blog about all your charming characters! I hope they become famous!

  3. Hi Petra, nice to see that you’re sharing your wonderful imaginative pieces online. I will follow the goings on of Cindy and Gourmandinet.

  4. Hi Corinne,
    I just found out about your blog a couple of days ago. I was so impressed by all the work and time you must have put into your blog. Amazing! Now I even know better, how much time it needs to publish even only one post.

    Thanks for following Petras World.

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