How the Recovery Stage 2 page evolved

After a long run or whatever exhausting business you might feel like doing nothing but watching your favorite TV programme. I saw Cindy  exactly in that mood after her Marathon. Sunday night many many people in Germany  watch the TATORT a popular crime series. So did Cindy, but (I think I am aloud to tell) she fell asleep far before the TATORT started at 8:15 pm.

First sketchOk, no stories here. We are behind the scenes. This time I wasn´t satisfied with the first metro sketch. So on the way back home I gave it another go. And that one was much better. I was so happy about my flower idea remembering that someone had told me before, that illustrations get better when you hide tiny details the observer can discover. And the flowers were just fantastic to show how stove up Cindy was.  I colored it at home with colored pencils and put it aside.

Recovery stage 2

I copied the scene on my light table just to find out, that I needed the flowers on the left. Why? Because Cindy should be the visual stopper on the right side. Do you know what I mean? Difficult to explain in English. It just felt better this way round.

There was also a long experimenting phase on the pained expression, Cindy should present. What difference the shape of the tiny eyebrows makes is quite amazing.


Cindy was perfect by now, so I could look for a nice carpet und wallpaper. As you can see at the edges I was also experimenting with the idea of an old fashioned photo album. The graphite carpet was quite chic and the nice green wallpaper  was fresh and a good contrast to the pink background on the other pages.  But that meant, that Cindy would have to sit on a pink sofa and change into her green jacket to get also on this picture a nice contrast.  We bought some white tulips, so they wouldn´t distract the scene. Yellow just didn´t fit for my taste.

The medal next to her was a last minute decision, because the wall was just too empty.

recovery stage 2

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