How the Runner´s Delight cover page took shape

I was wondering how I could get all the Cindy recovery sketches I had made on the Metro together in one series. It might be a good idea inventing a magazine to publish them.

There was the option of taking the Glamour for a glamourous girl like Cindy. But then I decided, that the sports aspect was the more convincing one. I started an intense internet research on running magazines and their headlines. Oh my, I didn´t know, what the world seems to be interested in. I put down some ideas and started on the layout.

I knew, that Cindy would be the Covergirl for this issue. I didn´t want to copy the original name of one of the magazines, so I opted for the Runner´s Delight. I don´t know, if this option makes any sense for native speakers, but it sounds nice to me.

I had made some restrictions on my series. One was, that there shouldn´t be any computer work involved, because I didn´t want to spend my art time on the computer.

That meant that I was back to writing, cutting, arranging and rearranging like in the years before the Computer. I copied the running Cindy on my light table to have her handy while playing around.

Background colour

What to do with the background? The colored one was working more like an eye-catcher. But then I had to find an answer for the headlines layout. So I tested many different styles in Handlettering and coloring.

Text and Handlettering

Just before I started with the final step of copying the draft I had made, I thought about checking the English phrases I had used. And how good that I did. Not all the English words we use in German are proper English words, I had to find out. So I changed the 70 + best ager into the Senior Marathoner. I wonder how many other words might sound strange to the native speaker.

The last step was just a routine piece of work, using my selfmade light table to copy my ideas. I like the outcome. Even if the shadows are not perfect yet. That is definitely a topic I can work on in the future. And one single S got missing, which I found out after scanning.

Runner's delight


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One thought on “BEHIND THE SCENES Part 3

  1. So much work….I didn’t realize that. Thank you for your behind the scene’s story. Herma

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