May the adventure begin

I love posts and blogs, where artists take you behind the scenes, so you can get a glimpse of all the effort they put into their work of art. There are two blogs/websites I would like to mention here.

I am a fan of the, where illustrators and authors tell you the story behind the story. Reading their posts you understand very soon, that a book is not written and illustrated in 4 weeks time but that it needs a lot of energy, patience, willpower and perseverance to accomplish it.

My artfriend from the Netherlands Herma Starreveld has a beautiful blog, where she not only presents all her wonderful art but also talks about making art. You can find her website here

Cindy back in 2014

I just finished my first series (four pieces of art) for Carla Sonheims fantastic online class Y is for Yellow . My flatmate Cindy has got fans from all around the world. And now the idea of making my first Cindy book manifests.  This is a good moment to start talking about my workflow, how my stories evolve, where I get my inspiration from and how far the road is to publish my first Cindy book.

Long time I hesitated taking this step, but now I would like to invite you to accompany my struggles, kickbacks and progress I experience on my way to finish my project. There might be times, where I would like to hear your advice and opinion about this or that. And there might also be situations, where I could just need your encouraging and supportive words to move on.

I am still not sure, what should be in the book. Old stories? New stories? Less stories, more pictures? Maybe you like brainstorming with me? There are so many ideas I have in mind.

So here is my first question for you: What would you like to find in your copy of my Cindy book? Don´t hesitate to comment below and thanks for being part of the project.

Let´s get started. May the adventure begin.

Read in the next  BEHIND THE SCENES post: How the Marathon idea came up



9 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SCENES Part 1

  1. Hi Petra, first I want to thank you for naming my blog. Thanks…:-)
    And you ask a question what would we (I) like to find in the book. I think you can better ask yourself what would you like to make?
    Because you commit yourself to this project. As you say, there will be hard times despite all the joy. Do you like more writing or more drawing? Do you like the old stories and do you want to work again on them? Or do you want new stories and adventures? Or do you want to mix them? You must feel the inspiration. I’m sure we (I) like whatever you do. Because you and Cindy are so unique!
    Thank you for telling us (me) about your adventure in making the book! I hope to read and learn more about it!
    Good luck! Herma

    1. Hi Herma,
      you are right, that I need to know, what I want to do. But very often I find out, what my preferences are by brainstorming with someone else. Maybe this blog is not the right place for brainstorming. Maybe too slow, but never mind. Maybe it will keep me going. We will see.
      Thank you already for your support.

      1. I understand your point. By communicating with an other you feel better what you want. Well… I like new adventures! Written and drawn. 🙂

      2. Thanks Herma for your opinion. Publishing only new stories would mean, that we get silent here for the time of writing and drawing. I have to think, how a mixture of old and new stories could work. Well, I have something in mind, I don’t want to discuss in the public yet.

  2. Hi Petra, I love all of Cindy’s adventures. They are hilarious. I would like to find all those wonderful stories in a book – but the illustrations are important as well. No ,I don’t think, the stories should all be “new”….a book needs a character that developes. The history, the background of Cindy is important – but new stories are welcomed very much!
    The “Marathon Story” is great! Wishing you all the very best for your epic journey,

    1. Hi Eva, thanks a lot for your compliments and your interesting thoughts. Suzi Poland gave me the idea to tell the story about Cindys arrival in my flat.
      I might pick up that idea to find a start for the book. I will keep you informed.

  3. I vote old and new, too! Petra, you are a gifted writer and storyteller… my favorite scenes seem to be when you come home to find Cindy in a new outfit and/or with some new gadget that will solve life’s problems… Cindy has such a positive, almost naive, outlook, so refreshing… and your cheerful acceptance of your roommate’s quirk is just as delightful.

    I can’t wait!

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