Cindy – Episode 50- the new dress


IMG_6219I think, I don’t really have to explain, what have happened here. But just to finish this story off, you might like to read some more details.

After walking around town in her 70’s outfit all day, Cindy sat down with me on the sofa to watch a movie. She got so excited, when it started. “Who’s that girl?”, she asked. ” Who is she?” I was quite amazed, that she didn’t know her. Sometimes I just forget, that Cindy comes of a different time.

I couldn’t follow the movie, because she was jumping up and down on the sofa. She started bawling something like”I need her dress, I need her dress.” And off she went to her room. I could hear her sewing machine rattling for a while, the movie slowly coming to an end.

And then my Cindy entered the stage. Isn’t she lovely? I asked her, if she might change to some more decent bloomers. But she said, she was fine with hers.

She will definitely be strikingly different from the rest of the 70’s party crowd.

You all have a Happy New Year, whatever you wear!!!

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