The Schwümmlis – Episode 1 – Moving in


Yesterday the Schwümmlis moved in. I am not sure yet, how many Schwümmlis will stay next door. There were so many helping hands, that it was impossible to find out, who was a Helpingschwümmli and who a future neighbor. It seems to me, that they are a friendly crowd, even when it costs them a fortune to get a smile on their face.

Dad Schwümmli said happily „Hello“, when we met on the stairs today.

He already offered his apologies for all that noise and asked me in for a drink. So I could take a quick  look at Babyschwümmli, who was standing in her bed, not willing to go to sleep. She was complaining about a ghost. He was spooking around her bed, she said. I couldn’t see, what she was talking about. But little kids are well known for their vivid imagination.

There was still some flat cleaning activity waiting for me. So I departed. Lovely people!

I am looking forward to meeting the rest of them soon.

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