IMG_8694Cindy  arrived in August 2014. Her full name is Cinderella, but she fancies her English nickname. When she decided to live here with us, I didn’t know, how difficult this might be, but this is another story. Many people know her by her German name “Aschenputtel”. But you should never dare to call her like this. Cindy gets into a real filthy mood, when hearing that.

It seems, that she broke with the past and doesn’t want to be reminded of the time, she spent with her stepmother and her thouhtless stepsisters. She is single girl again, the prince she had met before, is no longer her Prince Charming. She finally gave him the chuck. But Cindy is very short with me, when I try to find out, what actually had happenend.

We will see, if she gets more talkative by the time.

By the way: Cindy loves wearing lots of different wigs.

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